Hi guys, this is Darcy with Bobbi Bullock Medical Aesthetics, lead CoolSculpting Technician. Today’s vlog is going to be about what body parts are treatable for CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting has nine body parts on label for treatment. Some of those vary. We can change the application to accommodate the body and the anatomy and the physiology so, if somebody has a longer arm from elbow to shoulder then we can double up applicators there. We truly do custom assessments based on your body type.

The body parts that are on label for CoolSculpting are under the chin, called the submental, under the arm, we can do the lower and upper love handles, and the bra fat. We can actually treat right here, which is stubborn bra fat where the strap and the pectoral and the anterior deltoid meet. We can treat the banana roll, which is the tissue that rests just below the buttock. We can treat the inner and outer thighs. We can actually treat over the knee as well. We can treat all area in the front of the stomach.

Quite a few areas on label which is where most of fat develops on men and women. We do have to have a true pocket of fat. There has to be a collection of fat cells in one area, creating an enlargement in that area, to be able to be treated. The outer thigh is a little bit special due to its nature, being a continuous fat pad. The outer thigh does not have suction on the applicator. It is a flat panel that acts more like a potato peeler and shaves down the outer thigh to create a better looking contour. That technology actually gets much colder than the other devices and is a little bit longer treatment time.

The other longer treatment time that we have is for the submental. It’s also a forty-five minute application, much like the Cool Advantage Plus, which is almost two times the treatment when we apply that. The submental goes right under the chin. We can double up those areas and we can get a really aggressive treatment right there. It’s a really good responding area. Something unique about the submental is that 77% of our clients experience tighter skin.

For November, we are running a special for two chin placements. We are doing an outer thigh special as well, for two outer thigh placements. Each one of those treatments will be reduced by $500 for two applications. If you guys are interested in either one of those treatments, give us a call, (208)-949-9904. I would love to treat you before the holidays so you guys can get back into your skinny jeans. If you guys have any questions, reach out and stay tuned for our next vlog. Bye-bye.