January Promotions and Specials

View our monthly promotions and specials on our menu of aesthetic treatments and products.

The Solution Filler Packages

Receive a complimentary full facial consultation that guarantees harmonious outcome and beautiful results.

Our highly trained RN injectors have excellent assessment skills and are masters at formulating a comprehensive plan to address all areas of concern without looking overdone.

We will mix and match the filler you need, in the appropriate locations for a restored and beautiful finish.

Examples would be cheeks, jowls, jawline, brows, temples, and chin. Does not include lips

$75 Off Filler with Ashley Young NP

Ashley Young NP, injector to the stars, is offering a New Year’s promotion for filler!

Ashley is a highly-skilled and qualified beauty and anti-aging expert with over 15 years of experience from West Hollywood and Santa Monica, California, where she began combining her medical expertise with her love for esthetics and became an injector to the stars!

Get $75 Off with Ashley at the link below! 

Beautiful Skin Rx – Yearly Skincare and Treatment Program

With the Beautiful Skin Rx™ Program, you can pay one low monthly fee for all of your skincare needs for 12 months!

This program offers you over $1000 in yearly skincare savings!

Now is the time to plan your skincare regimen for 2023! Learn more and request a consultation at the link below. 

$100 Off Kybella with Alle

Receive $100 Off Kybella purchases in January!

This treatment is the first and only FDA-approved injectable drug that PERMANENTLY destroys fat cells, as well as contours, tightens, and improves the appearance of the double chin while defining and chiseling the jawline. Ideal clients are those who are not candidates for CoolSculpting® or those who have completed their CoolSculpting® treatments and desire further definition of the jawline and jowls.