Hi guys, this is Darcy Campbell lead CoolSculpting technician with Bobbi Bullock Medical Aesthetics and today I just wanted to reach out and invite you guys to a really fun event that we have coming up. On November 14th, we will be downtown at Peace Unique, which is a beautiful specialty clothing store that has been a part of our Boise community for many years. We’re gonna set up shop there at five o’clock.

You guys can come down, enjoy some cocktails, have some happy hour, mix and mingle. It’s a great time to do some networking. So, bring your business cards and meet some like-minded individuals. And then from six to 6:30, we will have a short presentation on all the services that we have to offer at our spa and answer your guys’ questions. And then at 6:30, we will be administering Botox on site.

Bobbi Bullock, Nurse Practitioner and owner of our spa will be administering those injections and you can also meet with me and have a CoolSculpting consultation, and there will be some package pricing deals and opportunities on that as well. So join us November 14th at Peace Unique from 5-7pm, and we look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions contact our clinic at 208-949-9904.