Hi, guys! This is Darci Campbell, Lead CoolSculpting Technician with Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics and welcome to our first vlog!

I’m going to be doing these weekly vlogs for you guys, bringing you information regarding CoolSculpting and the treatment, the technology, how it works, if you’re a candidate or not and just give you guys some fun information weekly. So stay tuned and check us out and look for these updates. On this first vlog I’m just going to introduce myself to you.

I am a graduate of CoolSculpting University. I’ve done over 600 treatments in less than a year and I love what I do, because when my clients come back to me after receiving CoolSculpting, they really have this glow about them and this overall, better sense of wellbeing. They get motivated in their lives to go to the gym and start taking better care of themselves. And that is just a blessing to my heart to be able to be part of that journey for people. Another part of what makes me unique as a CoolSculpting technician is that I am certified as a personal trainer in International Sports Science Association. So I really do have an understanding of anatomy and physiology and how to deliver you guys the best results. I also have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to wellness and health as a professional athlete. I turned pro in 2016 in the figure division with the International Federation of Bodybuilding. So I am a high motivator for success in health and wellness for you guys. It’s more than just about fat reduction for me when I’m doing these treatments. I really want to catapult you guys and get you motivated to just become the best version of yourselves possible. Go ahead and chime in and whatever questions you guys may have, I would love to hear it. And just stay tuned. Check out our website www.bobbibullock.com and we will be doing these vlog series weekly so I look forward to interacting with you guys.