The BBME Difference

by | Oct 15, 2021

The team at Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics firmly believes in empowering others and boosting self-esteem leading clients to feel their most confident self, both inside and out. Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetic’s philosophy is to be kind to yourself day in and day out in order to have that reflective glow and the kindness that follows. 

Recently, the team shared what the BBME philosophy means to them.

“I have been a nurse for a long time and have met a lot of different patients and I’m always astounded by human nature and especially women, which are the majority of my clients, and the things we face as women – I think that takes a certain amount of bravery to face every day.”- Rebecca, RN

“We all age, all of our treatments make [our clients] feel like themselves again. “ – Michalyn

“Love yourself first. That gives you more energy to love others. Confidence is taking charge of those difficult situations and believing in yourself.” – Melissa, RN

It takes a certain amount of bravery to face day to day, and carry on. The idea of being brave at harnessing your inner strength to move forward, set goals, and become a better version of yourself, for tomorrow, the next day, or the next year is BBME’s ultimate goal. Being more sure of yourself leads to taking time for self-care, being more confident in your own skin, and being more comfortable putting yourself out there. Remember that self-care starts with SELF – inner beauty shines from the outside too.

Being kind also extends to being kind to yourself. Health on the inside and outside are both equally important. Starting with self-confidence and taking care of yourself on the inside, BBME talks about not just physical things you can do to your body, but what BBME can do for your self-confidence and your soul. Being brave gives everyone the empowerment to be themselves. When you look your best, you feel your best.

Self-love is taking care of yourself, physical, mental, and emotional. The work we do at Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics, powered by the BBME philosophy, helps everyone walk out of our spa more confident. When your physical look is just as beautiful as what you feel on the inside, self-esteem is boosted and you’re inspired to live your best life. 

Be kind. Be brave. Be healthy. Be unique. Be you.