Should you lose weight before CoolSculpting?

by | Jul 10, 2020

We need to address the common misconception of wanting to drop a few pounds before getting CoolSculpting®. We understand your mindset before a consultation or treatment:

  • You want your investment to give you the best outcome.
  • You think that if you are at a more ideal weight, CoolSculpting® will make you look even better.

CoolSculpting® paired with healthy nutrition and exercise is going to give you the ultimate results. However, trying to lose weight before treatment is only putting off your ideal body for a future date.

It’s All About The ‘Apps’

With CoolSculpting®, it’s all about the applicators. Our technicians can address both small and large fat pockets effectively. Our techs are highly trained to know how a fat pocket presents on the body and to evaluate the volume of fat tissue. If you have a larger amount of fat tissue, we have the ability to sculpt and de-bulk areas of concern easily. If you are closer to your ideal body weight and just want to contour and spot-reduce stubborn areas, we have unique applicators for that as well.

Understanding Fat Cells

Researchers have found that the number of fat cells in your body are set during adolescence. You only grow more when reaching a so-called obese state, unnatural to your given body frame. When you gain weight, your fat cells grow and take up more space. When you lose weight, your fat cells shrink and essentially take up less space. The extra unwanted pounds you have put on will ultimately not affect the CoolSculpting® results you are envisioning; the tech will choose the appropriate applicators to reach your goals. After CoolSculpting® and the shed of unwanted pounds, your results will be out of this world.

Understanding Yourself

This pandemic has been stressful on everyone. During the unknown time it is important to take care of your mental health first and foremost. If this means you enjoyed more food than normal or indulged in a few more alcoholic beverages, it’s OK! You will get back to yourself again, especially with the assistance of CoolSculpting® at BBME.

Stop putting off for later the body you want to have now!

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CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. Some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling. Minimum purchase of 8 placements.