Shaping Facial Structure with Lip Injections – Bobbi Bullock NP-C

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Watch as Bobbi Bullock NP-C discusses facial structure and how lip treatments from Juvéderm can affect facial expression and the appearance of aging. 

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“Hi, my name is Bobbi Bullock. I’m a nurse practitioner and I own Bobbi Bullock Medical Aesthetics. I’m also a trainer and speaker for Allergan. Today I want to talk to you about lips. So lips are really fun, but they’re not just to create this beautiful pout or have this sexy look. They also are very structural and hold up your face. There are three parts of your face that really are the key parts of the structure. Those are your brows, your cheeks, and your lips. When someone comes in for a consultation, I almost inevitably suggest that they get some lips, and I get a lot of pushback because people don’t want to look like the Kardashians or The Real Housewives. They just want to look natural and maybe a little bit prettier. So I really talk about how it’s reconstructive.

When I’m talking about lips, a couple of things happen. One, as we get older, we start to lose our gumline and some of the bone structure, and so this area between our tip of our nose and our peaks of our lips becomes longer and it becomes very flat. And so we start to look like this, like grandma, right? The second thing that happens is we lose that contour. So you can see I have created contour around my lip into the bow and up into the columns. We lose that contour and it becomes really flat. And so there’s no structure and we start to not be able to see the difference in the color even between the white lip and the pink lip and it all just blurs together and it begins to look like it’s all on the same plane. And so there’s nothing for your eye to grab at, to look at. And our eye wants to see your mouth as you’re speaking. I have some women tell me, “People can’t see my mouth when I’m speaking,” and it’s because they’ve lost the structure and the volume in their lips.

The other thing I want to talk about is losing that volume in the lips. So as we lose it, we lose it in the corners first. So it happens very subtly, and what happens is our mouth begins to get smaller, just like grandma. But as you lose that volume in the corners, this is what happens. We start to get that downturn look just at rest. People come in and they say, “I look sad or angry just sitting there and people are like, ‘What’s wrong?’ And nothing’s wrong.” And so really that’s just a loss of structure. I have a lot of people come in because they see that mark and they are clueless that it’s really the lack of structure in the lips. So I use Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus really depending on how much volume is there and if it’s the first time and just really what the patient has going for. So I do a thorough intake in trying to understand what they want.

I do want to talk about my patient that I injected yesterday, and she’s so cute. She’s just about 70. She had very, very thin lips and this is immediately before and after, so you can see that I put in that structure. I gave her that contour, I gave her some columns and then I filled them. So when you fill them, you really want two pillows on the bottom so you can see the light reflecting off those pillows, and then you want to create some nice fullness in the top without looking over-filled. She was really, really excited about her results, and here are her smiling results. So you can see when you lose that volume and structure in your upper lip when you smile, you get that look. And that really ages us. Again, that looks like a grandma without dentures, and now she looks full and youthful. She was really happy with her results, as was I. And I told her, “The next three days you’re going to be pretty swollen. In two weeks, you’ll be 80% healed, and in six weeks, 100%.”

As always, I guarantee my results and there’s never a charge for a touch-up. Come visit us at bobbibullock.com for more information. Thank you.”

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