How Eyebrows Can Support, Lift, and Brighten the Eyes

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Watch as Bobbi Bullock NP-C discusses facial structure and how lip treatments from Juvéderm can affect facial expression and the appearance of aging. 

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Hi, my name is Bobbi Bullock. I’m a certified nurse practitioner and a trainer and speaker for Allergan. I want to talk to you today about brows. Brows are beautiful structures that really hold up the top of our face and frame the top of our face. We do all this work down here and our goal is to draw our eye upwards to the eyes, to that inverted triangle. So I like to use Voluma and inject it right into the brow line and what that’s going to do is it’s going to lift up this skin, this heaviness that’s on the eyelid and create this beautiful structure.

A lot of people come in like this and they’re like, “Oh, it’s genetic, I look sad, I look tired,” and while that may be true, I’m telling you, most of us are doing this and we’re sleeping on our face, myself included, creating that creepy tissue here in just destroying the bone, the muscle, the fat, and that connective tissue. So the structure needs to be replaced. So I use the Voluma here and then sometimes that can really create a hollow here in the temple and this can look a little bit too ridgy. So then I use Arthur Swift’s method and I backfill the temple here and that creates this beautiful blend and it also pulls the tissue this direction and you can see how pretty that is. Really lifting the eye and just brightening them and taking off that heaviness.

I’m going to show you an example of someone that I did last week. So this gal, this is her before and this is her after. You can see, especially on this eye how heavy her lid is. She’s asymmetrical. This is before she’s had anything done and this brow is not only heavy, but you can see that lacks tissue right there. And then this is after and so again, that’s the one syringe of Voluma that’s split between the two brows and then back-filled right here with one injection point of the Vobella using Dr. Arthur Swift’s temple fill method and you can see how bright and beautiful it is. It’s taken the heaviness off of her eyes and it’s really made her look like a different person. I have another view of it from the side, so you can really see how fantastic those results are. That Voluma is on label for two years, and the Vobella is on label for a year and she was really pleased with results. So if this is something that could benefit you or someone you know, have them come see us at bobbibullock.com. Thank you.


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