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Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics would like to reward your loyalty with this special, limited time Brilliant Distinctions loyalty program.

Through this program you can receive Botox at a significant discount over a 18-month period, deep discounts on facial fillers, and a credit toward ANY product or service!

Please see the program details and fill out the form below. We’ll contact you shortly to take advantage of this program.

Own Your Own Look Program


What you will receive when you sign up:

• $50.00 off your Botox treatment that day (30-unit minimum).

• $50.00 off your next Botox treatment (90-135 days after the first treatment, & no more than 135 days from 1st Botox treatment)

• After your 3rd Botox treatment (90-135 days after the 2nd treatment, & no more than 135 days from 2nd Botox treatment)

– $100 off any 2 facial fillers

– $100 Loyal Beauty credit good for any product or service at BBME

• $100 OFF your 4th Botox treatment (if received within the 18-month period from enrollment)