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Everything You Need to Know About Cheek and Chin Fillers

by | Nov 11, 2021

Reasons Cheek and Chin Fillers Might Be For You

 When you think of fillers, you might first think of lip injections or fillers for wrinkles and fine lines. Fillers are common beauty treatments that medical professionals provide to help clients feel their best.

But, more fillers are becoming more popular these days—cheek and chin filler. 2021 is seeing the rise of people wanting Voluma filler in their cheeks and chins.

Voluma Cheek Filler— the “New Lip Injection”

Cheek fillers are the new lip injection, says Dr. Samuel Lin, a Boston plastic surgeon. With the hyaluronic acid filler Voluma, medical professionals across the globe are filling people’s cheeks to give them a more youthful look.

Specifically, these fillers increase volume around the cheekbones, and make your bone structure ostensibly more defined. Depending on the placement, it will feminize or masculinize.

Chin Fillers For Aging

Like cheek fillers, medical spas are seeing an uptick of chin fillers in their patients’ requests.

As a central pillar of the face, your chin accentuates all your other facial features, such as your nose. Your chin elongates or shortens your neck, defines or blurs your jawline, and accentuates or hides the weight of the jowls. These days, a heart-shaped face is in style, which you can achieve with some chin filler.

Chin fillers additionally help reduce the jowls and saggy or wrinkly necks that come with aging. These aging effects often result in people having an angry-looking face, as the lip muscles droop lower to form a frown. With chin filler, medical professionals elongate the chin and support jowls to reduce the unaesthetic effects of aging.

Why Are Chin and Cheek Fillers Trending?

Social media gives rise to many trends in the beauty treatment world. The infamous selfie is best performed with an uptilted chin. This reflects your face’s highlights, defines your jawline, and elongates your neck. The chin is an essential component of any influencer’s selfie, and many are using fillers to keep that essential component in line.

During COVID-19 times, masks brought the attention to the upper face, resulting in an uptick on upper facial rejuvenation.

How Long Do Chin and Cheek Fillers Last?

Chin and cheek fillers last varying amounts of time, depending on the type of filler, depth of placement, and individual’s metabolism. Usually, cheek and chin fillers last anywhere between 1.5-2 years.


Picture of a BBME client

How Much Do Chin and Cheek Fillers Cost?

Cheek or chin fillers cost between $849 to $2349 as different individuals might need a different number of syringes, between 1 and 6. It all depends on the desired outcome and natural bone structure.

Who Is The Best Candidate for Cheek and Chin Fillers?

Anyone experiencing sag from aging, or anyone who simply wants a more defined profile might benefit from a chin filler. People with “weak chins” or double chins might benefit from filler, as well as people with lip injections, for whom chin filler can maintain harmony in their nose, lips, and chin.

Anyone who wants more fullness and volume in their cheek area, or who wants to correct some wrinkles are ideal candidates for cheek fillers. Experts recommend that candidates be in good health, have no allergies, and don’t smoke cigarettes.


Both chin and cheek fillers are great beauty treatments that could make your face more youthful.