Dermal Fillers

Voluma Miracle Facelift for Women and Men

Voluma hyaluronic facial gel is our #1 go-to product for lifting sag and creating beautiful contour and shape, and BBME injects more Voluma than any other facility in the state of Idaho! This is a 45-minute miracle facelift with no incisions, scars, or downtime. You will leave the office looking better than when you arrived as much of the application is preformed via cannula vs needle! All treatments are for men and women, addressing masculine and feminine structures.

Voluma: Results typically last 2 years. Pricing starts at $849


Cheekbones, Chin, and Jawline

A regal sign of beauty and power. Voluma creates a bone structure that has fallen or never existed. It repairs the triangle of youth, pushing the beautiful cheek-apple upward to support the bags under the eyes, slenderize a round face, and elongates the chin and neck. It provides structure for the jowls and receding chin. The contour for men is lower on the cheekbone, creating a rugged, masculine face. It can strengthen the jawline and clef the chin beautifully in both sexes.

Voluma: Results typically last 2 years. Package Price: Cheeks or Chin $2,399 | Cheek and Chin $3,699

Brows and Temples

This treatment was developed and perfected by Bobbi Bullock NP-C! As we age, loss of bone and tissue droop the eyelids making us look tired and aged, while the ligament under the eye elongates, protruding the fat pad. Additionally, our temples hollow and show the contour of our skull aging us. This eye brightening treatment lifts the eyelid, repairs the brow, fills the temple hollow and improves the crows-feet. This is an excellent solution to avoid eye surgery.

Results typically last 1-2 years. Package Price $1,499

Cheeks and Tear Troughs

This is an advanced injection technique that must be performed by a skilled injector via cannula for safety. First, Voluma is placed to support to the cheeks while pulling the under-eye tissue back, reducing the appearance of bags and darkened skin. Then, the crystal clear Volbella is used in the trough to soften the tissue under the eye for a bright, beautiful result.

Voluma & Volbella: Results typically last 1-2 years. Package Price $1,999

Watch as Bobbi Bullock NP-C discusses the benefits and process of Voluma treatments

Watch as Bobbi Bullock NP-C discusses the benefits and process of Volbella treatments


Bobbi Bullock NP’s Patent Pending “Perfectly Predictable Pout”

Lip injections smooth lip lines and return the plumpness of youth. As you age, your lips naturally thin and lose volume, shrinking the size of your mouth. This loss of structure creates a frowning appearance at rest and accentuates the size of the jowls. This quick lip procedure takes years off your appearance and restores balance to the lower face. A cannula and numbing cream are used for comfort and safety, minimizing pain, swelling and lip trauma. We are skilled in understanding and creating the desired look whether it be popular, classic, or natural after a thorough evaluation and consultation with the client to deliver a beautiful smile.

 Lip Lines

These pesky lines are typically from pressure from your pillow while sleeping, not smoking. This treatment creates a beautiful finish after lips are filled, restoring a youthful pout.

Volbella: Results lasting 1 year, 1/2 Syringe $425


Hand Restoration

Vollure fills out thinning, crepey skin, hides tendons, veins and wrinkles while adding the plumpness of youth.

Vollure: Results typically last 1.5 years. Package Price $1999

Fix My Face

Mix and Match any filler in any location for a restored and beautiful finish. This filler package is perfect for those who want it all. Examples would be cheeks, lips, jowls, or brows, temples, lips and lip lines. The choice is all yours!

Package of 6 syringes of any filler for $3499

Watch as Bobbi Bullock NP-C discusses the benefits and process of Juvéderm Ultra Plus treatments

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