CoolSculpting Elite Has Arrived – The Future of Fat Elimination

by | Mar 15, 2021

We have been hinting for months that something brilliant, advanced, and a true game-changer will be making a new home at BB Medical Esthetics in 2021. What were your guesses?

Well today we are so excited to reveal the newest member of our Body Improvement menu – CoolSculpting® Elite!

What is CoolSculpting Elite?

Creators of CoolSculpting®, the #1 fat reduction and FDA-cleared device, have upgraded their technology! Looking at the Elite, you will first notice its sleek look, modern command screen and most importantly two applicator attachments instead of one. The new platform and its technology were not created to take the place of the current CoolSculpting® devices you are used to, but instead to allow for future add-on treatments such as a Cellulite reduction applicator (how exciting!).

Our current CoolSculpting® devices have hit their “ceiling” of advancement. The machine housing itself does not allow the creators to make any future upgrades. The important thing to remember is the technology behind the current machines and the new Elite is the EXACT same – Elite just allows for more uses at once with a newer design. We are still freezing fat at a patented temperature for a specific amount of time to receive permanent fat-reducing results.

What is the real difference between the two CoolSculpting devices?

We are now going to refer to our current CoolSculpting® devices as the “Legacies” and the new device as the “Elite”. The Elite performance and client experience is far superior to the Legacy. With two applicator attachments instead of one, we can cut down on your treatment time and have more space in our treatment rooms for accessibility and comfort. The applicators on the Elite have been re-engineered to fit your body more efficiently. Designed with a “C” cup shape, the new applicator attachments have the increased ability to hug the body’s natural curvature. As a huge bonus, the new applicators also cover more surface area on the body, allowing us to freeze more fat tissue during each treatment.

What is the real difference between the two CoolSculpting devices?

There are three huge benefits of having CoolSculpting® Elite at Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics! 

We are the SOLE provider, not only in the State of Idaho, but within a 350-mile radius to have the new Elite device. We did not barter, participate in an auction, or beg and plea for the new device- rather we were CHOSEN! As the #1 CoolSculpting® team in the State of Idaho and #49 in the nation out of 5,000 providers, the creators of CoolSculpting® selected us to be the first to experience and provide the Elite to our clients due to our expertise in fat reduction. We are truly honored! 

Your time is precious. The CoolSculpting® Elite allows us to target multiple areas at once with twice the sculpting power. You no longer need to plan your entire day around hours of treatment, with 5 CoolSculpting® machines on-site, you will be back to your day quickly. 

The results we are seeing with the new Elite are dramatic. The re-designed applicators cover up to 18% more subcutaneous fat tissue surface area. This does not mean we are throwing out the Legacy devices. Now we have even more applicators/body contours to choose from to best fit your body and stubborn fat pockets. Remember, the best fat reduction results come from our technician’s knowledge and artistic eye when developing your treatment plan. Both devices effectively freeze your fat! 

The big question… How much does it cost?


Unfortunately, the answer is not quite that easy. The price for CoolSculpting procedures varies depending on your areas of concern, the number of sessions needed, and your ultimate goals. The average patient is about $2000-$4000, again, not super helpful. How the cost breaks down is that every time the applicator is placed on your body (in the desired treatment area) that is considered a cycle. A cycle costs about $750-$1000 retail price (discount package breakdown to come). So for example, if you wanted to do your abdomen (around your belly button), most people are 4 cycles (or 4 applications). The applicator would be placed in a diamond shape first maybe in a rotation pattern, something like: on the lower right side of the abdomen, the machine then vacuums the fat in that area into the applicator and then you freeze. Then the applicator would be moved to the lower left and repeat. Then top left and finally the top right. With each of the cycles the fat that is vacuumed into the applicator, there is damage and eventual elimination of 20-25% of those fat cells. After 8 weeks when you return for your second treatment (and even a third down the line) each treatment will eliminate an additional 20-25% of fat cells and will be another 4 applications (or 4 cycles) each time. This would make a total treatment for the abdomen 8 cycles (or 12 if you go for the 3rd treatment). If you carry your weight in higher and/or lower in your abdomen a single treatment may be 6 or 8 cycles. Or if you only have that little pouch below your belly button it could be 2 cycles, and so on.



As always, if you’re interested in a free consultation at our Boise office, just visit www.bobbibullock.com/coolsculpting.