BB-Me is a movement to meant to inspire us to take charge of our lives and empower self-love.

We believe that self-love is possible for everyone and we work hard to empower each client to be confident and happy. When our physical look is just as beautiful as how we feel on the inside, our self-esteem is boosted and we are inspired to live our best lives.

BBME’s team members lead by example. They are fun, sophisticated, educated and experienced. They understand the services and products, and confidently and patiently explain solutions in a friendly, girlfriend experience.  “We show women and men their potential for great skin, youthful solutions, and body improvements in a way that makes everyone feel okay and normal for wanting change.”

Every single client has a personal story and wants answers. They want to understand why they look the way they do from the aging process, or from previously botched Botox, filler or surgery.  They then want a solution. Clients also want to be treated a certain way, they want to feel confident for wanting to change their appearance. “We embrace vulnerability and validate their concerns.”

This describes a “head to toe, complimentary consultation” from all our specialists and modalities. A BB-me care plan is then custom tailored through this intense evaluation. Clients will understand the science and procedural processes. “We provide value because we thoroughly explain the aging process on your face and body, how to improve it, and in what order. We work with you, to make a beauty budget and a timeline, so there is never any pressure.”

Everyone at BB-me is hand-picked and mentored by Bobbi Bullock to use her techniques. We all do the processes the same, so you can expect excellence and guaranteed results with the highest level of care. We will all work with you to address your concerns.

Above all, you must first love yourself!