Ashley’s CoolTone Journey

by | Jul 2, 2021

Wanting a six-pack has always been a goal of mine. I have dedicated a lot of my time to fitness and overall health, spending 5-6 days a week lifting weights, doing cardio, and burning out my abdomen muscles with hundreds of crunches. When the gym alone was not giving me the abdomen definition I wanted, I started to transition my eating habits to less processed foods and more lean proteins and vegetables. There is a famous saying, “abs are made in the kitchen” and I took this very seriously. I began to see results from consistent workouts and a healthier diet after 1 year, but I wanted more. 

Muscle Magnetic Stimulation was the answer to help reach my goals. In June of 2019 Allergan Pharmaceutical received FDA clearance for a new device they named; CoolTone, a device that was developed to improve abdomen tone, definition, and strength. “Using magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS), CoolTone technology penetrates into the muscle layers and induces involuntary muscle contractions. The body responds to these contractions by strengthening its muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle conditioning. Whether targeting abdomen, buttocks or thighs, CoolTone strengthens, tones and firms the muscles in the treated area, resulting in a more defined and toned appearance. CoolTone has 50 percent more magnetic intensity than the leading competitor (1.35 T versus 0.9 T) at the point of contact.” (http://www.coolsculptinghcp.com/cooltone)

At BBME we have developed CoolTone treatment plans based on individual goals and needs. My treatment plan was 10 treatments over 5 weeks. I completed 30 minute treatments, 2 times a week consistently at the same time of day. The treatment itself is very easy and non-invasive. You are placed in a comfortable position, while a CoolTone paddle/s is placed and strapped on the treatment site. The technician controls the intensity of contractions on a scale of 0% to 100%. I was able to handle 100% intensity for the majority of my treatments.

Halfway through my treatment plan, I noticed improved strength while in the gym. Your abdominal muscles are the core muscle group for all weighted an non- weighted lifts. When your core is weak, you can be prone to injury when doing squats, deadlifts, lunges, shoulder presses and many more. My increased muscle endurance allowed me to perform more reps with heavier weight without injuring other areas of my body. A major surprise was my improved posture! I am sitting the majority of my day at a computer and will admit, I slump my shoulders forward. I wake up most days with back pain and tightness. Throughout my treatment my back eased up and I now sit up straight without effort. After completing my 10 sessions, I took my after photos and couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror. I GOT A SIX PACK BABY!!! I highly recommend CoolTone to individuals wanting improved muscle definition and strength, there is absolutely nothing on the market that compares to what our device at BBME can do. Check out my journey video to see my results!

Indications for CoolTone

“The CoolTone device is indicated for improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, and development for firmer abdomen. CoolTone is also indicated for strengthening, toning and firming of buttocks and thighs” (http://www.coolsculptinghcp.com/cooltone).

Important Safety Information for CoolTone

“CoolTone should not be used in the head or heart area. CoolTone treatment is contraindicated in placing the active applicator over metal or electronic implants/devices in the treatment area like cardiac pacemakers, cochlear implants, intrathecal pumps, implanted defibrillators, implanted neurostimulators, drug pumps, and hearing aids. CoolTone is also contraindicated in placing the active applicator over menstruating uterus, over areas of the skin that lack normal sensation, and for patients with fever, malignant tumor, hemorrhagic conditions, epilepsy, recent surgical procedure application in the area of growth plate, pulmonary insufficiency, pregnancy, sensitivity or allergy to latex.

CoolTone should be used with caution in patients with Grave’s disease, active bleeding disorders or seizure disorders.

Women who are close to menstruation may find that it comes sooner or cramping is increased or intensified with CoolTone treatments, therefore it is recommended to not undergo treatment during this time of the month.

Ensure that persons with pacemakers are not present in the vicinity of the device during treatment.

The patient must not be left unattended during treatment.

Adverse effects may include, but are not limited to muscular pain, temporary muscle spasm, temporary joint or tendon pain, and local erythema or skin redness.

Consult the CoolTone User Manual for a complete list of Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions, and potential side effects. Treatment applications that deviate from the guidelines are not recommended” (http://www.coolsculptinghcp.com/cooltone).