The Viveve-O, we lovingly call the “Stop Peeing Your Panties” female intimate health treatment, is an FDA-cleared treatment for vaginal rejuvenation and the treatment of urinary leakage and painful intercourse.

The procedure uses radiofrequency energy and cooled cryogen to produce painless results with no downtime! Viveve-O incorporates the self-healing treatment of PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma to stimulate your own growth of collagen and blood vessels generating healthier and more functional vaginal tissue. This is done by drawing your blood and spinning it down to isolate your own PRP. This naturally attracts your stem cells and growth factors to the injected area which can then stimulate the growth of new tissue. The PRP literally tricks your body into healing aged and damaged tissue.  The treatment comes with a take-home device;  ApexM, an FDA-cleared device for treating STRESS, URGE AND MIXED URINARY INCONTINENCE, weak pelvic floor muscles, and an overactive detrusor muscle. This triple combo really works!

Painful Intercourse Relief with Viveve-O

Millions of women experience pain before, during, or after sexual intercourse—a condition called dyspareunia (from the Greek dyspareunos, meaning “badly mated”). This condition not only saps sexual desire and enjoyment, but it can also strain relationships and erode the quality of life in general. For postmenopausal women, dyspareunia may also raise concerns about aging and body image. (In post and peri-menopausal women, topical estrogen could additionally be required to achieve desired results).


    Why provide this service at BBME?

    Simply, we want to help women look and feel their best! Bobbi Bullock NP-C has an extensive background in gynecology and GYN surgery, is a national trainer for PRP with the AAEG, and she wants to help women address all areas of concerns.


    The Viveve radiofrequency is the ONLY FDA-cleared, single session, pain-free treatment to improve stress and urge urinary incontinence. As we age, our urethra flattens, allowing urine to leak during the cough, jump, run and sneeze of life. At BBME, we combine this collagen producing treatment with the V-Shot to help restore the integrity of the tissue. The V-Shot is an injection of your own platelets into the tissue to further stimulate cell healing. Increased lubrication and enhanced sensation are typical side effects of these two treatments. This treatment includes an Apex M, a pelvic floor strengthener for use at home. Retail value $235.

    • $2499 for both the Viveve and V-Shot treatment


    • FDA cleared radio frequency to create a painless thermal injury so it has targeted areas to heal itself
    • Comfortable controlled heating and cryogen cooling
    • No downtime
    • Female RN service provider
    • Easy
    • Discrete and modest treatment 
    • Only one treatment that takes one hour
    • Clinical trials proved that at 1 year 90% of women were still satisfied with their results
    • BBME combines the V-Shot with all Viveve treatments and provides an ApexM maintenance device
    • Indications: Stress Urinary Incontinence/ Mixed Stress and Urge Incontinence, painful intercourse and decreased ability to achieve orgasm

    PRP Injection

    • PRP injections use platelet-rich plasma.  The platelets are the healing parts of the blood.  They call upon the stem cells from the bone marrow, growth factors, and antibodies.  Stem cells are undifferentiated, meaning they can become any type of cell ie collagen, fat, bone, skin, a new vagina, etc.
    • Again, the body is tricked into healing itself
    • Easy! Numbing cream is used and very little discomfort.
    • Simple blood draw and concentration of platelets that we activate using special test tubes.  Activated platelets are ready to heal
    • No restrictions after procedure other than nothing in the vagina for 48 hours
    • Indications are the same for the Viveve, but also include lichens sclerosis.


    • CO2LiftV is a carboxytherapy gel vaginal rejuvenation treatment that is applied externally to the vulva and internally to the vagina. It can: Improve the quality of intimacy by improving sensitivity, lubrication, and elasticity Reverse changes to the vulva and vagina from childbirth, chemotherapy, medications, or meno.

    48 hour cancellation policy for Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics

    We know that everyone’s time is valuable.  Because of this, clients will be required to keep a credit card on file and will be charged a $100 fee if they no show or do not give proper notice.

    We understand that situations arise in which you must cancel your appointment. It is therefore requested that if you must cancel your appointment you provide more than 48 hours’ notice. (Call or text 208-949-9904) This will enable another person who is waiting for an appointment to be scheduled.

    Patients who do not show up for their appointment without a call or text to cancel will be considered as a “no-show”. We understand that special unavoidable circumstances may cause you to cancel within 48 hours. Fees in this instance may be waived but only with management approval. We believe that a good practitioner/patient relationship is based upon understanding and good communication. Questions about cancellation and no-show fees should be directed management (Summer Foley 208-859-5381).